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I said I’d be back, and so I am…

June 22, 2014

One promise kept, with another blog post following so closely on the heels of the last. In other news, though, I have failed to get my bike out. I did fit the bike rack to the back of my camper van, so that must count as some progress. It shows intent, at least. Now just to get the thing out of the shed and me onto its saddle!

Umphrey’s McGee last night were fantastic. Lots of jamming and running one song into the next, as any good jamband should. I fear that I may have danced like a hippie for a good part of the gig, under the influence of beer. A complete lack of food didn’t help, I don’t suppose.

The support band was Syd Arthur, who managed to appear despite the absence of their drummer. Something about them having just returned from America and him having to take time out to get his hearing back. That’s what they said.

The Brooklyn Bowl inside the O2 in London is a really good venue, too. So good that at no stage did anyone require sight of my ticket. Big screens showed the Argentina v Iran World Cup game, which unbelievably remained 0-0 until well into injury time. It’s been a cracking World Cup, because the form book has fairly consistently been given a hammering. Notwithstanding England’s usual predictable meltdown, Italy and Spain have had problems, Brazil have looked unconvincing, and Germany managed a 2-2 draw against Ghana. The old order is under attack, and it’s refreshing.


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