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A return to form? Or a false re-start?

June 20, 2014

It’s been ages and ages since I posted here. Not that my previous writings were of any consequence at all, but hey, that’s the point of a blog, isn’t it? To shout quietly into a void of indifference. That’s my thinking anyway, and by that measure, my blogging is an unqualified success. It’s so successful that nobody need ever worry about it influencing a single second of their lives in any way. Look at me – I’ve achieved virtual greatness!

It’s June, of course, and the idea that I might join in with Juneathon never even entered my head! I did have the opportunity last Sunday to watch, from a relaxed position, the cyclists of the London-Brighton Bike Ride, and I must admit that it did set me to thinking that I might do something stupid like entering it next year. It’s 54 miles, and this year there were 30,000 entrants (with only two serious accidents). I could do 54 miles as long as there was no pressure to start breaking world records or anything. In any case, to that end, I might even break my bike out on Sunday and give it some maintenance. Heck, I may even climb aboard and propel it for a few miles, just to see if I can. I promise to write to you about it, one way or the other, dear reader…

Without going into too much sorry detail, I have decided to get my financial arrangements under some level of control. This is a big deal. Budgeting and actually thinking about what I spend my money on are not things that come naturally to me. I’m wild and impetuous, and largely skint, so some control wouldn’t go amiss, it’s true. An app called ‘You Need A Budget‘ has caught my attention, and the free trial is currently running down. I’m not on a sponsorship and I don’t know any of the developers; just saying. It looks like a good, simple app, which is handy, because I’m pretty simple too.

Finally for now, a musical recommendation, and an admission of ‘guilty pleasures’.

I have a bit of a fondness for the ‘jamband’ scene, based largely in the US. Umphrey’s McGee are among the current ‘leaders’ of the scene, which does not truly have a single identity, and covers a lot of different styles. I would describe Umphrey’s as falling somewhere between Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and speed metal. Yep, they’re that good, folks! They’ve been playing in London last night and tonight, and complete a three night run at the Brooklyn Bowl tomorrow night. Long sets with lots of improvisational jamming are the modus operandi, but also really tight playing with stunt guitars. Here’s a sample:



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