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Lost the plot

February 10, 2013

As you will have noticed, if you’ve been paying any attention (and I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t) my Janathon efforts, which were tokenistic at their peak, fizzled out completely into a complete ignominious defeat. My catalogue of excuses are here for all to see, so I won’t repeat myself. It’s all too much.

I an attempt at recovering my self-respect, I’ve allowed myself to be talked into counting each and every calorie that I take on board to see if I can produce a reduction in weight. I will have to align that with some semblance of exercise too, of course, and have loaded my iPhone down with a selection of apps that, if they don’t bring the thing grinding to a halt, might allow me to monitor cause and effect. I’ve cut out booze for the time being, and am feeling reasonably well motivated to sort myself out, but, as always, time will tell. I’m sure my commitment will prove to be time limited. Sigh…

Today’s soundtrack is provided by Popol Vuh at the moment. A very spiritual backdrop to a rainy Sunday afternoon.

And Spiral/Engrenages is back on BBC4. I know it’s middle class and everything, but I do love my dose of Saturday evening European subtitled crime drama! I’m sure many Guardian readers feel the same.

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