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Day 181

June 28, 2012

Daily blogging is a chore challenge. Who has a life that exciting? Not me, that’s for sure. When I started this, it was a Janathon jogging/exercise blog, but I’ve kept it going, and will carry on for this calendar year. I haven’t managed to post every day, but not too far off. I can’t pretend it’s an interesting blog, though. Even I’m only interested in it approximately once every 5/6 days.

Today has been a hot one, at least in UK terms. I’ve been traipsing round London on the underground, and there’s nothing on Earth more horrific than the London Underground on a hot, humid day. It’s disgusting. I’m sure I’m as smelly as all the other inhabitants, before you say anything.

Wifi on the Victoria Line is an interesting development, and I’m still stupidly excited by it. I can’t get over receiving emails while passing through Warren Street station! Oh wait – that just means there’s even less escape from work than before. Hmmm…

Football – the summary version:

  • England are not very good at all…
  • Spain and Portugal might as well have not bothered with the match and gone straight to penalties – it would have saved a lot of pointless huffing and puffing…
  • Germany are out, and that’s a shock, and even an injury time penalty can’t gloss over that…
  • Italy are better than everyone though…

That is all…

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