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Days 177 & 178

June 25, 2012

I’m sure I’ve got these day numbers out of sync…

The rain rained until about midday, so we were confined to the camper van for the morning. Just as well we’d brought the makings of a full English breakfast to while away the hours. One fry-up later, and we were ready to go for an exploratory walk. The camp site was just halfway up the White Cliffs of Folkestone, so the obvious walk was down to the shoreline.

It was close to high tide, so not much beach to be seen. There is a good concrete pathway, though, stretching a fair way in either direction. We chose the Dover direction, and off we went. I was an incident packed walk, in a low-key way. Slips, trips and splashes were all features.

Here is a picture of the beach…


Then it started raining again, so we used the opportunity to loaf around for most of the rest of the day. Reading, playing football with my son, making a tea of spaghetti bolognese – that’s about it. It cleared up at around tea time, which made for another beautiful evening, and prompted another walk along the beach, this time at low tide, and in the direction of Folkestone Harbour.



Enough pictures of the sea…

A fairly early night (after listening to England deservedly getting knocked out of Euro 2012 by Italy on the radio) and a fairly early morning. Breakfast of bread and jam, and off towards home. Today is a school inset day, which was the initial justification for the trip. I also felt that I wanted to get away from it all. It wasn’t entirely successful in the latter respect, but it was a good weekend, and provided an opportunity to get the camper van off the drive and blow the cobwebs off it. It’s ready now for the festival season.

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