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Day 126

May 5, 2012

Words fail me for describing just how bad Liverpool’s season has been. One cup won and another cup final place don’t disguise the overall disappointment of a team that just doesn’t seem to care all that much. A 2-1 defeat by Chelsea in the FA Cup final was somewhat better than we deserved, given that our glorious boys didn’t start playing when Chelsea did, and only stirred themselves to real action after about 65 minutes.

Spearing, Enrique and Downing should all be searching their souls for explanations for such poor performances. Bellamy was pretty anonymous. Reina was poor for the first goal. Gerrard’s aim was wayward. Suarez was isolated. When he came on, Carroll was the best player, which just leads to the question of why he wasn’t on from the start. Will King Kenny still be in his post at the start of next season? I hope so, to be honest, though I’m not sure my wish is logical, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t.

The obligatory goal-that-wasn’t, that may or may not have crossed the line? I thought it probably had, but now I’m not so sure. I am sure, however, that goal line technology is essential.

The performance, by a quite different team, it must be said, against Fulham was the worst in my memory, and that’s saying a lot. There have been some shockers this season, and the excuses are long since run out. I managed to see my season ticket on for that game, though I know some who couldn’t. I couldn’t even give it away for the Chelsea game at home next midweek. For a game against a top side like Chelsea, these are new lows. Liverpool tickets should be in high demand, and if they’re not then it is a sure fire sign of how bad things have got. Football being the business that it is, this will be the thing that does for Kenny more surely even than the poor performances on the pitch.

So, when all is said and done, at the end of the day, when all the cliches have been trotted out, Liverpool are not good enough. They may even be less than the sum of their parts. On paper, they should certainly be better than the are. The season has been a disappointment, no matter what happens between now and it’s end. It’s Chelsea again next in the league, which provides a chance for some small payback, but won’t rub out what’s gone before.

End of rant, for now…

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